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Getting Started

If you are new to managing health and safety the Getting Started Module walks you through the first steps to building a solid program

The Module begins with the basics of health and safety, and guides you through to a more comprehensive system. Each step is outlined so you know what needs to be done and how to do it. Tools to assist in the identification, risk assessment and control of hazards are provided along with health and safety information and contacts needed on a daily basis.


The Training Module keeps track of training by individual and notifies management of pending expiry dates three months in advance. This helps schedule update training and avoids nasty surprises when a worker with valid training is needed and none are available.

Training records are kept by employer, employee, training program, training provider, training dates, and expiry dates. Reports are provided based on a search of any of these records and automatic emails are sent to specified management reminding of required updates. Reports can be automatically emailed to specified personnel.


Use The Investigations Module to conduct thorough and consistent investigations using a standard format. This is much more than a simple investigation form. The tools provided assist in quickly identifying causes and implementing corrective actions

This module helps by walking the investigator through the process using a simple fill in the blank process. Each step includes a guide to assist completion. The module goes much further than other programs in that it identifies causes, gaps in the system that lead to the accident, and the legislation applicable to the gap. A full accident/incident report is generated along with corrective action reports and corrective action plans to ensure a similar event does not occur. Analysis of event trends, injured worker information, type and severity of injury, location of accident, time of day, job being done at the time, care provided, and supervisor in charge are included. Reports can be automatically emailed to specified personnel.


The Statistics Module tracks accidents and incidents on a monthly basis and provides summary reports by month and year. This gives management a valuable tool to monitor health and safety performance.

This module keeps track of the type of injury or damage, severity of injury, hours worked, accident frequencies, and provides reports on any one or a combination of data points collected. Regular reports can be automatically emailed to specified personnel.


Safety procedures, forms, audit reports, hazard alerts, safety inspections and many more documents are kept on file and on hand in the Library Module.

This module eliminates the need to track down hard copy “safety manuals” scattered throughout your organization every time an update is made or a new document is added. All of the information is stored in the “cloud” system. Any change that is necessary is made on the central system once only and is instantly available to anyone granted access to SafetyLynx. This module allows you to upload your own documents to your library on SafetyLynx. In addition, several generic templates of health and safety procedures and programs are provided in the SafetyLynx document folder. These are made available for free downloading to your computer. Simply review the template, edit as you see fit, add your company logo and upload to your document library on SafetyLynx.

Unexpected Events

Unexpected events include accidents, incidents, refusal of unsafe work, work stoppage, and Ministry of Labour inspections. This module walks the supervisor through each event to ensure that protection of workers and compliance with applicable legislation

Should any of these unexpected events occur, an immediate response is required. Due to the complexity of proper procedures and the infrequent occurrence it is probable that a front line supervisor may not understand his/her responsibilities. This module walks the supervisor through the processes with flow charts, check lists, recommendations, legislative references and information.

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  • Geting Started
  • Document Library
  • Training Records
  • Accident Investigation
  • Performance Statistics
  • Unexpected Events
    No licensing fees, No start-up fees, no maintenance fees and the number of users as you grow.
    SafetyLynx is available on the 'Cloud' accessible to users via individual passwords on any device that is internet compatible.
    SafetyLynx uses a payment gateway that is iron-clad secure, meeting the absolute highest level of compliance to the Payment Credit Industry (PCI) standards.
    Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice without penalty. SafetyLynx may remove a subscriber access for failure to comply with the User Agreement.
    Access to SafetyLynx is available within minutes of completing the subscription information.


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